Connection Recovery
Support Group

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1st & 3rd Thursday @ 6 PM

This is a free, peer-led support group for any adult who has experienced symptoms of a mental health condition. You will gain insight from hearing the challenges and successes of others, and the groups are led by trained leaders who’ve been there.

  • Designed for adults (18+) with mental health conditions
  • Led by people with mental health conditions
  • 90 minutes long
  • No specific medical therapy or treatment is endorsed
  • Confidential

What You’ll Gain
By sharing your experiences in a safe & confidential setting, you can gain hope & feel a sense of connection. The group encourages empathy, productive discussion & a sense of community. You’ll benefit from others’ experiences, discover your inner strength & empower yourself by sharing your own experiences in a non-judgemental space.

Will Help You

  • Aim for better-coping skills
  • Find strength in sharing experiences
  • Not judge anyone’s pain
  • Forgive ourselves & reject guilt
  • Embrace humor as healthy
  • Accept that we cannot solve every problem
  • Understand that mental health conditions are no one’s fault & can be traumatic experiences

Support Group

Community Counseling Center Clubhouse
2801 C Court, Ashtabula, OH 44004
2nd & 4th Thursday @ 6:30 PM

This is a free, confidential support group for family members, significant others & friends of people with mental health conditions. As a loved one of a person with mental illness, you face unique challenges: complex family dynamics, social isolation & often unpredictable aspects of the illness. It can be overwhelming.

Through the support group you can find hope & support by connecting with others who face similar challenges. You will gain support from peers who understand your experience as well as insight into the challenges & successes of others. Open to adults with loved ones who live with mental illness.

  • 60-90 minutes
  • Led by trained family members of individuals living with mental illness
  • No specific medical therapy or medication is endorsed or recommended

Why would I attend?

  • Be part of a community & experience a sense of belonging
  • Improve coping skills & discover your inner strength
  • Find hope in knowing that you are not alone
  • Learn from the collective knowledge & experience of other participants
  • Gain support in a confidential setting

Education Program

Community Counseling Center Clubhouse
2801 C Court, Ashtabula, OH 44004
Fridays starting 10/13/23 4:30 PM-6:30 PM

This is a free, eight-session education program for adults with mental health conditions who are looking to better understand themselves & their recovery.

Taught by trained leaders with lived experience, this program includes activities, discussions & informative videos. However, as with all NAMI programs, it does not include recommendations for treatment approaches.

What You’ll Gain

Program is a safe, confidential space. The course provides an opportunity for mutual support & growth. Experience compassion & understanding from people who relate to your experiences. This is a place to learn more about recovery in an accepting environment.

NAMI Peer-to-Peer helps you:

  • Set a vision & goals for the future
  • Partner with health care providers
  • Develop confidence for making decisions
  • Practice relaxation & stress reduction tools
  • Share your story
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Learn about mental health treatment options

Education Program

Community Counseling Center Clubhouse
2801 C Court, Ashtabula, OH 44004
Tuesdays starting 05/21/24 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM

This is a free, 8-session educational program for family, significant others & friends of people with mental health conditions. The course covers diagnoses and symptoms of major mental illnesses, how the brain is affected, medications, coping and communication skills, and a lot more designed to assist families in helping their loved ones on their recovery journey.

The program is taught by NAMI-trained family members who have been there. Includes presentations, discussions & interactive exercises. This group not only provides information & strategies for taking care of the person you love, but you’ll also find out that you’re not alone. Recovery is a journey, and there is hope. The group setting provides mutual support & shared positive impact experience compassion & reinforcement from people who understand your situation. Sharing your own experience may help others in your class.

What You’ll Gain

  • How to solve problems & communicate effectively
  • Taking care of yourself & managing your stress
  • Supporting your loved one with compassion
  • Finding & using local supports & services
  • Up-to-date information on mental health conditions & how they affect the brain
  • How to handle a crisis
  • Current treatments & therapies
  • The impact of mental health conditions on the entire family


“The course gave me hope that it will be okay, that I am not alone, and reduced a lot of shame, guilt, and hopelessness.”

“I wish I’d known about this seven years ago when the problem began. I felt safe in this class. I was able to talk about things I haven’t been comfortable expressing elsewhere.”

“Before I took the course, I felt alone and overwhelmed dealing with my daughter’s mental illness. By taking this course, I have met others who are going through the same things I am and have learned about many resources that I never knew existed.”

“I thought my wife and I knew just about everything there is to know about the system and the illness. Boy, were we wrong. Without a doubt, this is the best support course I have had the privilege of taking part in, bar none.”

“I am now aware that I’m not alone. I’d like to become more involved with NAMI and advocacy.”

“I’ve really learned how to cope with my triggers better, and I’m now on the path to truly loving myself.”

“NAMI Peer-to-Peer gave me hope when I was close to giving up. I realized that things can and do get better and that my mental health condition doesn’t define me. I learned how to speak up for myself, build a strong support network and make plans for my future. I felt welcome and like I was among friends. Most importantly, I felt heard and understood.”

“I’ve learned how to communicate with my parents about what’s going on with me.”

“It was really nice being with people who understood.”

“People can solve problems [at a NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group]. It isn’t just a bunch of sad stories; people are coming up with solutions and stuff to do for the next week. One of our group attendees is taking her meds and getting herself to her counselor and is just about able to go back to her career in great part due to Connection.”

“NAMI Connection has enabled me to take a good look at my illness and see that I am not alone. The program has given me additional tools to not only accept my illness, but to help others along the way.”

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